The heart wants what the heart wants. The Harmed Brothers know this all too well and weave stories of life, love and loss with melodies all their own. Their unique blend of country, folk, bluegrass and rock and roll has been turning heads for nearly a decade and it's only getting better with age. The emotional roller coaster that is The Harmed Brothers live show is guaranteed to snap you out of 'that funk" or "keep the good times rolling". Road worn and love scorn The Harmed Brothers deliver night after night.

“Gone are the days of a ragtag group of musicians picking a banjo on a tiny stage. What we hear on The Harmed Brothers is a band that has matured into serious songwriters capable of crafting songs that stay with you long after listening.” - Glide Magazine

“It's a sound that epitomizes the best elements of Americana, from reflection to revelry…” - Country Standard Time

North America Booking - Brad Raffenaud // Atomic Music Group -

International Booking - Jeremiah Smith - Alpine Agency -