The Harmed Brothers


The heart wants what the heart wants. The Harmed Brothers know this all too well and weave stories of life, love and loss with melodies all their own. Their unique blend of country, folk, bluegrass and rock and roll has been turning heads for nearly a decade and its only getting better with age. The emotional roller coster that is The Harmed Brothers live show is guaranteed to snap you out of 'that funk" or "keep the good times rolling". Road worn and love scorn The Harmed Brothers deliver night after night.

"The Harmed Brothers ought to ascend to the forward ranks of today's great Americana auteurs. A rare combination of drive and determination, it puts the Brothers' best front and center." ~ Country Standard Time
"Unlike the unmussed fashion-grass coming from the Mumfords of the world, there's something rusty and raw in the Harmed Brothers' songs, something hungry and a little wild-eyed." ~ Portland Mercury
"With strong harmonies and tight arrangements, The Harmed Brothers wear their influences on their sleeve, from Ryan Adams to Uncle Tupelo and everything in between." ~ Northern Sky

Record Label - Fluff and Gravy Records (PDX) -

US Booking - Dan Williams - Big Beard Booking -

International Booking - Jeremiah Smith - Alpine Agency -